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Terms of Service Webportal apply to all content and data (textual, visual and audio material, databases, programming code) that have been published on this website and apply to all site visitors.

Therefore access web portal or any part or podsajtovima and using any portion of the web portal, it is considered that users are familiar and comply with all terms and conditions of use.

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Web portal owned internet company Limited. Therefore the company Ltd lays all the rights to content and data (textual, visual and audio material, databases, programming code) that are available on the Website. Unauthorized use of any part of the portal, without the permission of the copyright holder, is considered copyright infringement and subject to prosecution.

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Limitation of Liability
Web portal has its own copyright content, partners and advertisers and links to other websites. All content portal visitors use at your own risk, and Internet companies Ltd is not liable for damages resulting from the use of content published on the web portal

Privacy Ltd respects the privacy of all visitors to the web portal and will not collect any personal information about them.

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Change of use Company Ltd. reserves the right to change these Terms at any time and shall not be liable for any consequences of such changes.

Publication of this warning will be considered as the copyright holder promptly informed and warned all users of the website, the existence of its intellectual property rights and the possible consequences of violation of the user or third parties.